I made a dress!


Purple is my favorite color!

I made this from Egyptian cotton shirting given to me by a friend 25 years ago. This dress was a fabric hog! I matched all the stripes and I used the fabric for the facing and interfacing. Fortunately I had quite a few yards to play with. I had used some of it for a wrap skirt but since that no longer fit I took it apart and used those pieces too.


I spent a LOT of time on fitting and pattern making. I started with this NewLook shirt pattern but made it much more fitted by raising the armscye, lowering the bust point, squaring the shoulders, redrafting the sleeves, deepening and lengthening the back darts, and taking in the side seams. I may have overdone it; the armscye is a little too high and the shoulder is a little too narrow. But the bust fits perfectly. I added a facing to the back yoke but then couldn’t figure out how to attach that neatly to the front notch-collar facing. Hand stitching work around. There is no waist seam and no front waist darts. I was worried that just curving out to an A-line skirt wouldn’t work but it did! Probably only because I have a small bust and a wide waist.


Trying to match all the stripes was a pain, especially since each the fabric had a terrible propensity to stretch or slip when sewing. I’m not sure whether to blame my machine or the fabric. But almost every seam had to be unpicked and re-sewn before it was right.


3 Responses to “I made a dress!”

  1. Pam Says:

    Wow! Nice job matching the stripes on the sleeve and yoke. Cute dress.

  2. kiawe Says:

    Thank you! Unfortunately the stripes on the sleeves are the reverse of the stripes on the yoke. I don’t know how that happened after all my fussing!

  3. Mary Beth Says:

    Looks great!

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